Tis the Season…

As the year draws to a close and the holidays rapidly approach, the kind folks at ServedFresh™ had no choice but to reflect on the year that was.The triumphs and more significantly the tragedies played over and over again in our minds as we worked to create the quintessential ‘Holiday Collection' (familiar to most brands) this time of year. 

No matter how much we tried, we simply could not ignore what has transpired over the past 11 months. No matter how much we crave #RedStarbucksCups of Egg Nog Lattes, #PattyPies, and Yuletide Glee ft. @Future, we find ourselves more focused on the challenges we face as a community, and the suffering we as society have endured both internationally and domestically.

As a result, we decided to devote our Holiday Collection to the #UglySweater phenomena.

While most relate ‘Ugly Sweaters’ with slick office parties offering chilled #Dusse at the ready, we reflect on the issues and topics that stopped us in our tracks. Issues that forced us to think differently; to communicate more sensitively; and to pray more regularly.

We must warn you - the concepts we present below might be arresting. Some may even consider them offensive or inflammatory. We urge you, our long-standing customers, partners and followers that is NOT our intention. Our goal is to simply help shift the paradigm from spending beyond our means this time of year (on gifts that are quickly forgotten) - to raising awareness and opening our eyes to the world around us.

Our 'Ugly Sweater' Collection is presented by @PoJohnson. It’s a Holiday celebration you’re all invited to…


Ugly Sweater Collection